Washington, DC | Leadership Perspectives: The Good, the Bad, and the Bottom Line

10/29/2019 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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Aligning Ethics and Productivity in Organizations

A Leadership Perspectives presentation by Lamar Pierce, Professor of Organization and Strategy, WashU Olin Business School and Associate Dean for Olin-Brookings Partnership

Both ethics and productivity affect an organization’s bottom line. Yet, managers view them separately when designing policy. Firms implement intrusive surveillance systems then are surprised when morale and productivity slump. Managers set sales quotas then are shocked at what employees will do to meet them. Join us as WashU Olin professor Lamar Pierce brings to light the key drivers of productivity and misconduct and shares ways managers can create more holistic solutions to jointly address both.

Sponsored by WashU Olin Business School’s Graduate Programs.